Hilton Honors – Teacher Treks Travel Grant Competition

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 I asked NY if he had a favorite teacher. “Mrs. Hume,” he quickly replied. I wondered if she was someone special from High School or Jr. High (back before there was Middle School). Nope! She was his kindergarten teacher! Mrs. Hume made quite an impression on my five-year old NY and his first experiences in school.

My favorite teacher on the other hand, was in high school. I wasn’t crazy about school. I was very much a free spirit who didn’t care for schedules. And that is exactly what Mr. Mulmeister nurtured in me. He was my ceramics teacher and by my senior year I was spending 2-3 hours a day working on my own in his classroom/studio. It was perfect for me. He gave me an assignment and I was free to complete it however I wanted. The schedule was loose. I was creative and I was happy.

Teachers can take a child and teach them the wonders of the world. They help parents mold children into what they can be as adults. Children spend the better part of their school day with these special people. And a teacher’s job doesn’t end when they send their students back home to their families. Teachers continue working on class projects, grading papers, planning curriculum and so much more.


We’re big on travel at our house. We’ve traveled the United States and a bit of the world. We always have incredible stories and photos to share with our children and grandchildren when we return home. They’re able to virtually experience a bit of what we did. It’s magical!

Hilton HHonors (the loyalty program for the ten distinct Hilton hotel brands) wants to give teachers the opportunity to travel and bring their experiences back to the classroom. Hilton HHonors has announced the finalists for the Teacher Treks Travel Grant Competition.

  • Fifteen teachers will win a grant valued at $6,000. They’ll travel to the destination of their choice and their school will also receive a grant for $2,500 to use towards cultural activities for the students.
  • Fifteen runner ups will win a $2,500 grant for their school to use for cultural activities.
  • One runner up (from all the submissions) will win a cultural excursion for their classroom valued at $1,500.

Hilton HHonors has chosen the finalists and now the we, the public, have the opportunity to vote for our favorite contestant through April 30, 2012. Ten random winners (chosen from everyone who votes) will receive a Hilton HHonors Gift Card valued at $250.

It’s a win win!! The teachers win, the Students win and we the voters can win too!

This is a sponsored post through Global Influence. All experiences and memories are ours. Happy travels!

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    What a fascinating idea the Hilton HHonors teacher Trek Competition is! I have read all of the essays and my favorite by far is Sandra K. I love how she says that as a reading teacher, she has always promoted books as powerful and accessible means for students to travel. She would like to travel to the Indian Ocean islands of Zanzibar, just off the coast of Tanzania, and Mauritius, east of Madagascar “… to observe firsthand how the people on both of these islands – comprised of minorities and the meeting of cultures that have been in conflict in other parts of the world – have found ways to live side-by-side…” I hope she is one of the winners.

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