Uncommon Goods – Unique and Creative Gifts

We prefer to do a lot of our shopping online. We like the convenience and variety of what we can buy and then have it delivered right to our front door. And we love Uncommon Goods. Plain and simple. Uncommon Goods specializes in unique and creative designs. They also specialize in recycled and upcycled products. Two of my very favorites are the ‘recycled windowpane bowl’ and the ‘upcycled wool trapper hat.’ In fact, I’m over the top in love with the trapper hat!! Uncommon Goods is also educational. Just check out the Uncommon Knowledge page.

The Uncommon Goods ”Mission Statement” (here) focuses on the planet, having a positive impact and handmade, recycled and organic products. They make huge strides for the planet by making their catalogs from FSC certified forests, and give back through the B Corporation, of which they are founding members. We believe the idea behind Uncommon Goods is what our planet needs.

I love giving and receiving holiday gifts! Especially gifts like the flying animal ornament. I have a weakness for the quote, “When Pigs Fly.” And this flying pig is simply magical! The tiny lights on our Christmas tree reflect off the lightweight aluminum to create delightful prisms. This sweet little pig hanging from it’s own organza ribbon makes my heart sing. The flying pig, handmade in India, is this year’s traditional addition to our Christmas tree.

Uncommon Goods has awesome and unique gifts for the men in your life on this page! We’re giving our bachelor son this awesome Shower Squid for Christmas. It is so him! The squid is currently available in red, black and blue. It hangs from the shower head and holds a variety of shower products.

The nine latex rubber squid tentacles are different sizes to hold everything you may need in the shower. You can even adjust the hanging bottles upside down so you conquer every last drop! Made in China, the shower squid keeps your bath/shower organized and most importantly: fun!

 Do you have an avid traveler on your gift list? Check out the gifts here. Traveling the world is one of our favorite things to do. I could shop Uncommon Goods all day long, filling my shopping cart with the likes of the travel stub diary, the scratch travel journal, the all the taxis in New York print, the vintage postmark necklace, and the travel wish box. I’m a wee bit crazy about that delightful little box!

One of the best things about being a fan of Uncommon Goods is the opportunity to be the first to see fresh creativity each time a new product arrives. You have the opportunity to vote for your favorite and help decide what products will become Uncommon Goods. How cool is that?

 Be sure to follow Uncommon Goods on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for Uncommon inspiration.

No compensation was received for this post. We did receive the pictured products to facilitate our review. All photos (with the exception of the ‘Uncommon Goods’ logo), opinions and love for ‘Uncommon Goods’ are our own.

If you are interested in doing a product review for ‘UncommonGoods’, check out their Blogger Review Program here: http://www.uncommongoods.com/reviews.

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Windex Mini – Review & Giveaway

 Congratulations to #43 Diane the winner of this giveaway!

Windex 1

Keeping our homes clean can be mundane and time consuming. Much of the work seems redundant but is still necessary to the health and well being of our family. I really do like a clean house so I’m always on the look out for products that make it easier and faster. I also want products that are good for the environment. Besides our grandchildren who pop in and out on a regular basis, there’s only two of us living in our house. I’m surprised every day with the amount of trash the two of us throw out. The fact is … people throw a lot of trash out every single day. Unless you have an incinerator in your backyard … you’re like us. Contributors to local landfills, also known as the local dump.

landfill 1

 (Image credit: 1800recycling.com)

Land Fill Facts:

- The average American discards 4.34 pounds of garbage every day (EPA Facts and Figures). Does that mean that a family of four discards over 15 pounds of garbage everyday?

- The total volume of solid waste produced in the U.S. each year is equal to the weight of more than 5,600 Nimitz Class air craft carriers, 247,000 space shuttles, or 2.3 million Boeing 747 jumbo jets.

- If we put all of the solid waste collected in the U.S. in a line of average garbage trucks, that line of trucks could cross the country, extending from New York City to Los Angeles, more than 100 times.

We try our best to use environmentally friendly products at our house. Products that are reusable and recycable. We have products that we love and have been using for years. Windex in one such product. I’ve been using it since I first married thirty-five years ago. And … my mom used it before that. Windex has stepped up to the environmentally friendly plate with the new Windex Mini. Windex Mini is a small pouch of concentrated liquid that will seriously fit in your pocket.

Windex Mini

Windex Mini:

- Requires 90% less plastic than a standard 26 fl. oz. trigger bottle.

- Avoids transporting 22.4 fl. oz. of water – nearly 1.5 pounds by weight.

Simply pour the Windex concentrate into a 26 oz spray bottle, add tap water and there you have it. A bottle of Windex you carried home from the market in your pocket! Well not really. But you could have if you wanted to. The empty concentrate pouch is a whole lot smaller than an empty spray bottle in our landfills. And the world can now be a wee bit greener.


We have a Windex Mini starter kit for one lucky winner!

1. Required entry – Tell us what you do to be “green” at your house.

2. For extra entries:

3. Follow @SimplyCathi on Twitter.

4. Become a fan of Planes, Trains & Taxi Cabs Facebook page.

5. Subscribe by email to Planes, Trains & Taxi Cabs (right sidebar).

6. You can earn one extra entry each time you tweet about this giveaway once each day:

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7. Like Windex on Facebook.

8. Follow @SCJGreenChoices on Twitter.

* This giveaway will close at midnight PDT on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

* The giveaway is open to US residents only.

* One set of entries per household.

* The winner will be chosen using Random.org and will have 48 hours to respond to the winner notification email.

(landfill facts are from Environmentalists Every Day)

No monetary compensation was provided for this post however we did receive a product sample through Family Review Network. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

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Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day!


What are you going to do to celebrate our earth? There are activities everywhere and all you need to do is choose what or where you can participate. Here are just a few.


Lowe’s is celebrating Earth Day by giving away one million trees.  Check with your local Lowe’s store to see if they’re participating and pick your tree up tomorrow April 23! Make a commitment to Billion Acts of Green. It’s free, easy and you’re probably already doing it! Use the Earth Day Network Footprint Calculator to see what your impact is on the earth. It’s fun and educational.


Take your family to see the new DisneyNature film African Cats. I might take our grands today too!


Check your newspaper, online or city’s website (or Facebook page) to see what’s happening in your area.

Happy Earth Day!!

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Eco Store USA – Review

Living green is a good thing. We try our best to do so even though quite often, it can be difficult to find good products that work as well.
The team at ecoSTORE USA loves making a difference in people’s lives. ecostore does not compromise on performance, so customers can be assured of the efficacy of the products – they truly work. We offer more than 100 products, each one meeting the most stringent environmental and sustainability standards. The guiding principle of every formulation is and will always be that the end product must not only be good for the user, but good for the planet.
We had the opportunity to try the following products.
Our favorite is the  Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap. So much so that we just ordered ten more bars!
The Coconut and Vanilla Hand Wash is perfect for washing my hands while working in the kitchen. I use it at least a dozen times a day yet the “No Nasty Chemicals” liquid is gentle, nourishing and conditioning on my hands.
The first time I used the Laundry Liquid I was worried. The eucalyptus oil and plant-based ingredients gave off a strong although pleasant scent however, it completely disappated in the dryer leaving the clothes fresh and clean.
The order that we placed a few weeks ago was easy to do and the delivery was quick. That, along with the organic green products, makes ecoSTORE USA a popular place to shop at our house.
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