Swimming with the Dolphins

Yesterday we took the grandkids to Sea World in San Diego. We went to enjoy the sunny San Diego weather along with the trained and very happy sea life. But mostly we went because Austin and Cody had a date to go swimming with the dolphins. It was a birthday gift to them from us. While Kennedy has dreamed of swimming with the dolphins since she was 4 years old, Sea World has an age limit of 1o years old. So, she got to experience a Dolphin Encounter. The entire day was filled with awesomeness as you can see from this photo of Austin and his new best friend!

Sea World Swimming with the Dophins | Simple Sojourns

June 24, 2013 – Nikon D90 70-300mm Nikkor Lens

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  1. 1

    What a precious picture!

    • 2

      Thank you Rosey! The grands had a fabulous time. The boys were actually able to ride the dolphin which we were not expecting. It was a delightful surprise!

  2. 3

    Awe, love this photo, thanks for the linky and have an amazing rest of the week!


    • 4

      Thanks Tammi!
      The grands had such a good and memorable time. I’m thinking grandpa and I need to take a swim with the dolphins next. 😉

  3. 5

    My kids would love this! What a cool experience!

    • 6

      Oh Brandi … I bet your kids would love it! Our grands had such a good time that we (David and I) are thinking we need to go for a swim next! Happy WW!

  4. 7

    Isn’t that a great experience? My husband and I did that before we were kids and found it amazing to be so close to the dolphins… Perhaps we’ll do it again when my little ones are older 🙂

    • 8

      It was a fabulous experience! We’re so glad we took the grands to do it! Next up is going to be us!

  5. 9
  6. 11

    How wonderful. Great photo

  7. 13

    We recently did a similar program at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The kids loved it.

    Your photo is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. 15

    Definitely adding this to my bucket list! How awesome is this!?

  9. 17

    What a clear shot! It’s great. Thank you for stopping by.

  10. 19

    Seriously the coolest grandparents in the world! That is awesome!

  11. 21

    I’ve never swum with dolphins. Oh so much to do, and so little time.

    Your commentluv doesn’t love me.


  12. 23

    That’s definitely an experience no kid would ever forget. Looks fun!

  13. 25

    How cool! Happy WW.

  14. 27

    What a great photo and what is sure to be a treasured memory!

  15. 29

    Great shot! I hope to be able to do this myself one day. People say it is a life-changing experience.
    BTW, I can see you shot it with one of the lenses I also own. How do you like it?

    • 30

      Thank so much, Marko! We love our Nikon and the zoom lens is excellent. Perfect for getting up close captures from a distance. Happy WW!

  16. 31

    What a neat opportunity. Fun!

  17. 33

    What a great experience! I still remember swimming with baby sharks years later, and I bet it will be the same for them 🙂

    • 34

      Baby sharks, Amanda?!?! Oooooo … you’re much braver then me! I think our older grandson would do that AND our little grand daughter! Happy WW!

  18. 35

    Awwww! That is so awesome! And that picture is totally frameable! 🙂

    Snaggletooth Ginger Kitty

  19. 37

    Looks like an amazing experience!

  20. 39

    Wow!!! I am sure they will remember this moment for years to come.

  21. 41

    Not only did they swim with them but they got to ride them! WOW nice.

  22. 43

    We did that once too, a very cool experience and how fun to share it with your grandkids!

  23. 45

    This is a great pic! Thanks for sharing on the Wordless Wednesday Party.

  24. 47

    Dolphins are so amazing! Your grandchildren must have had such a good time. Thanks for hosting.

  25. 49

    What a great gift 🙂 I love the picture!

  26. 51

    awesome! amazing! Definitely on my bucket list.

  27. 52

    Thanks for providing a link up post! I swam with dolphins nearly 10 years ago on our honeymoon in Tahiti. I would love to share the experience with our kids someday soon, too!

  28. 53

    Oh Cathi, I have been watching your photos with the dolphins and David’s for days. The kids must have been so in love with this experience. I look forward to reading more about it. One of these days we have to get our to CA with the boys to experience San Diego, Anaheim, San Francisco, and everything else that they have never seen before.

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