DIY Fabric Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Today we’re sharing an easy fabric Halloween wreath tutorial.

Easy Halloween Wreath Collage - Simple Sojourns

This fabric wreath is easy to make. You may already have all the supplies. If not, Walmart, Michael’s craft store, Jo-Ann fabric store etc. will have what you need. And remember, purple is a Halloween color too.

Halloween Wreath Supplies - Simple SojournsSupplies:

– 14 inch straw wreath (with plastic wrapping to prevent shedding)

– 1/2 yard each of three different color/print fabrics. On and a half yards total.

– 3 yards satin ribbon (times two if you want two different colors.

– Pinking fabric shears

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

– Phillips head screwdriver

Measure your fabric into 4 inch squares. I like using a yard stick and pencil.

Halloween Wreath pinking shears - Simple Sojourns

Fabric Halloween Wreath Squares - Simple Sojourns

Cut the fabric into 4 inch squares. 

Fabric Halloween Wreath hot glue - Simple Sojourns

Put a large drop of hot glue on the top center of the straw wreath.

Fabric Halloween Wreath attaching fabric - Simple Sojourns

Fabric Halloween Wreath Attaching Fabric | Simple Sojourns

Wrap a square of fabric around the screwdriver (right side of fabric up) and poke the fabric covered screwdriver into the hot glue drop and into the wreath about 1/2 an inch.

Halloween Wreath

I flattened out the fabric with my finger before the glue sets so it looks a bit like a flower.

Fabric Halloween Wreath First Row - Simple Sojourns

Fabric Halloween Wreath with one row - Simple Sojourns

I alternated fabric squares and spaced each one about an inch to an inch and a half apart.  

Fabric Halloween Wreath Inside Row

Repeat the process along the inside edge of the wreath.

Fabric Halloween Wreath Outside Row - Simple Sojourns

Repeat the process one last time along the outside edge of the wreath.

Fabric Halloween Wreath Ribbon - Simple Sojourns

Fabric Halloween Wreath Ribbon Hanger | Simple Sojourns

Cut ribbon length to 3 yards. I used 7/8 inch width orange and 5/8 inch width black. After wrapping it around the wreath I carefully tied a knot 6-8 inches from the wreath.

Fabric Halloween Wreath Top - Simple Sojourns

Fabric Halloween Wreath Finished - Simple Sojourns

Fabric Halloween Wreath three fabrics - Simple Sojourns

Fabric Halloween Wreath Front view - Simple Sojourns

Run the ribbon over the top of the door and use a push pin to anchor it on the inside of the door.

Happy Happy Halloween!!

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    Cindy Dawkins says:

    How adorable- I love the Halloween wreath. It looks easy and turns out so cute. I will have to give this craft a try.


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